Friday, November 8, 2013

California Research Adventure: Days 45-50

I meant to go to Oakland on Sunday (Day 45), but I was delayed with some urgent academic matters—yes, that happens—and had to stay in Berkeley for the day. Working hard, I only took a short break to walk around town. I wandered and ended up at People's Park off of Telegraph Avenue, the famous site of confrontations between students and police in the late 1960s.

A view of the more wooded portion of People's Park. The grassy field is seen through the trees. 

Just off of People's Park is this mural depicting the history of the student protests and the police brutality. Older tourists are seen taking photographs as they listen to a man give a guided walking tour of the neighborhood.

I haven't been hanging around Telegraph Avenue that much, but on Sunday when I was at People's Park I also went to Moe's Books and finally found something that I was looking for, and for just 6 bucks!

Since then the week has passed by very quickly. I attend yoga every morning at 7am except this morning I slept in—until 7am! I have conducted research at the library from 10am to 5pm most days, although on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I cut out early to attend lectures by various speakers around campus. This is one of the nice things about being here at UC-Berkeley, I guess, is that the university attracts a lot of wonderful speakers.

On Wednesday I attended a talk in the Geography Department where I met up with a friend. After the talk there was a reception on the department's fifth-floor balcony with stunning views of San Francisco Bay.

 View of campus and the Bay Area beyond, under the moon at dusk

The nice thing about the lectures is also that I get free food and drink. On both Tuesday and Thursday I ate enough at the receptions so that I didn't have to spend any money for dinner. The good life! I have also been buying groceries at the local Walgreen's... (not my top choice for food, but I guess it will do)... so that I don't have to go out to eat as much.
So, that was my week. Four yogas, three lectures, two reception "dinners," one dinner with a good friend, and five full days of research in the archives. The archival finds have been minimal so far, but today I think I found a great discovery, which is some new information about early Hawaiian immigrants in San Francisco, pre-Gold Rush. I've got some addresses now, too, so that next time I go into San Francisco I can take photographs of the places where these Hawaiian men once lived.

But, next up, this weekend, is a short road trip. I'm headed up north. I'm going to see redwood trees for the first time in my life. And I've got my binoculars, too. I hope to see marine life along the coast. This is going to be fun!

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